Search Google in any Country, Find your Website Rank and Long Tail Keywords for SEO

How to use Geogle it for Geo-Location-Based Keyword Research

Geogleit is an SEO tool for keyword research based on specific geographical locations. It's also a tool for monitoring your website's rank on Google serp in different countries. No VPN needed. By leveraging this tool, you can find hot long-tail keywords, see your ranking position in any country and optimize your SEO strategies and digital marketing campaigns to target audiences in particular countries or regions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Geogleit for geo-location-based keyword research.

Step 1: Enter Your Search Term

In the search term input field, type the keyword or keyphrase you’d like to research. This can be a single word or a long-tail keyword relevant to your niche or industry.

Step 2: Select a Geo-Location

Click on the drop-down menu labeled “Geo Location” to choose the country or region you want to target. Geogleit allows you to select one location at a time, providing data specific to that area.

Step3: Initiate the Search

Click on the “Search” button to start the keyword research process. Geogleit will take you to Google which will then serve you with the serp result for the specific country you selected earlier.

Step 4: Analyze the Results

Carefully examine the results to find your website's position on the result page, find long-tail keyword opportunities, trends, and potential gaps in the market, check for competition, search volume, and find other related keywords.

Step 5: Repeat for Other Locations

To perform keyword research or monitor your website's position for additional locations, repeat steps 1-4. This will help you compare data across different countries, enabling you to make informed decisions about your marketing seo strategies.
Geogle it is a valuable resource for businesses and website owners looking to expand their reach or target specific country. Following the steps outlined above, you can effectively use Geogleit for country-specific keyword research and enhance your overall SEO efforts.